In Portuguese, the word for empowerment
is considered 
We create a movement to change the
of the word on every social platform.

The Problem

Brazil is facing a resurgence in misogyny and women continue to be oppressed in some form in their everyday lives.


In Portugese the word for empowerment is considered misspelt on nearly every digital platform with the exception of Instagram.


Create an online movement to raise awareness asking other platforms to eradicate the unnecessary spell check error as a symbolic gesture to empower the women of the world.


The movement is kicked off with Instagram contacting major feminist influencers in Brazil, asking them to create posts answering the question “ What is an empowered woman?” using the hashtag #empoderamento.

However, the influencers and followers soon found out that Instagram added the incorrect spell check on all forms of the word on every post, message, and story – which lead to an uproar for change.

In response Instagram released a statement to other companies and their users explaining the situation and demanding that other platforms remove their spell check error and stand for women empowerment.

An online petition was also made in the form of a filter, accessible directly through Instagram stories, so that people everywhere can show their support for the cause.